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What If Your Life Was Like a Movie In India, today there are theatres everywhere. I’m talking about 30 to 40 years back. In the villages, they used a big tent and they used to project the movies there. The people who would watch the movie would get so emotionally involved!

Suppose if the hero is getting hurt and the villain comes, the people in the audience would remove their chappals and throw at the screen! So, that kindles the emotion. You will see that if the heroine is crying, half the theatre would also cry because there is an emotional connect and that is the power of the scenery.

Now, there is a power of the seer as well — the one who is watching. Often, we ignore the power of the seer. If the seer is, the one who is looking at the scenery, is strong, is balanced, he will not be reacting. Rather he will be taking a proactive stance. Now you know that it is just a movie. This is the power of the seer. Scientific temper, rational thinking with emotional intelligence, along with a little bit of a spiritual quotient makes life very complete.