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What Is Bothering You Today?

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What Is Bothering You Today?
There are two kinds of mind. One is an open mind. Another is a closed mind. A closed mind is that which says, 'This is how it is. I know it. That is it.' It gets hardened. An open mind says, 'Oh, maybe, perhaps. I do not know.' Limited knowledge, and the conformity about it, makes a mind very hard.

Whenever you seem to understand a situation and you label it, 'I know this is how it is,' that is the beginning of your problem. And always all problems arise from knowing but not from not knowing. If you do not know, your mind is open, you say 'Oh, maybe, something, perhaps, don’t know.' You wait. You cannot label something when you do not know. - Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Let us look at what all could be the botherations of our mind and learn more about it.

So, what is bothering you today? Click / Tap the button below to select from the list.