What is Following Sri Sri?

About Us | Following Sri Sri - Footsteps of Love and Divinity Following Sri Sri is the voice of gratefulness by the devotees who wish to spread the knowledge & happiness throughout the world, imbibing and inculcating the teachings of the International Humanitarian, Ambassador of Peace and Spiritual Leader Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (fondly & dearly known as Gurudev).

The content shared through this platform is purely based upon Gurudev’s teachings, wisdom, techniques and tools that has helped one achieve clarity in mind, purity in heart and sincerity in action. Millions of hearts have been healed by His Grace and as a token of Gratitude, we want to help millions more to soak in the Grace, Gratitude, Love and Wisdom of Gurudev.

This platform will also serve the purpose for all those who want to share their stories of healing experiences, transformations in life, upliftment of mindset, peace and human values. The grace of Gurudev has made people experience marvels and thousands of them are keen to share their stories.