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Mullah & The Donkey Mullah’s neighbour used to come and borrow something from him all the time! So Mullah had a donkey and the neighbour wanted to borrow his donkey. When the neighbour came to Mullah’s house, the neighbour said, ‘Please give me your donkey.’ Mullah said, ‘You know, my donkey is not in the house. I have sent it out somewhere. It is not here.’ So, the neighbours believed him and as he was exiting, the donkey brayed. He was just in the backyard.

Then the neighbour came and said, ‘Mullah, you said the donkey is not there but I heard the sound of the donkey!’ Then Mullah said to him, ‘Do you believe me or the donkey? What do you believe in more?’ He got angry. ‘You seem to believe the donkey more than me! I’m saying it is not there!’

So, that is how the logic is. Proven, it keeps you limited. Unproven, it keeps you in a limited sphere of understanding. And when you see all these debates happening, you have a real laugh at it. Think this is such a show of ignorance.