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In Search for the Master There was a very talented teacher. He was a great orator, could speak very well, convince very well. People and he had fair knowledge in scriptures and spiritual techniques also. He was very good. But he was not complete. He was in search of a master. Though he was honoured by the kings and the public, everybody used to honour but he lacked the final touch. He was just wanting to surrender to the master cause he didn’t have a master at that time. Only when the time comes, the master also comes. So the time had come then he had to. He had known who his master would be and he was in search for it. And then he was departing from the kingdom, the king said it’s so far away, it’s 300 kilometres so you cannot walk and go. You take my palanquin. He sat in the palanquin and started going towards the master and when he arrived in the town he asked 'Okay, take me to the master'. Then one of the man who was carrying the palanquin got up and said: 'Here he is', 'I am him'. It was so moving he fell in his feet immediately and said 'How could you come? How could you do this? How could you carry me up in the palanquin? From where have you been carrying?'

'Half the way' he said 'half the way'. I heard you are coming to see me so half the way I came to bring you to me. Now come, let’s go. So half the way the master came and carried the palanquin of the disciple and brought him to the place and told 'See I am. I am the person you are looking for'. You take one step towards the master, the master will take 10 steps towards you. But that one step, one has to take. That’s the story of the traditional masters. So much humbleness, humility, simplicity, resonating.