Suicidal Thoughts | Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's Wisdom

Overcome Suicidal Thoughts Suicide or the act of intentionally ending human life due to helplessness or grief, is one of the most foolish act that humans can do, according to Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji. Reports of WHO, 2017 suggest that close to 800 000 people die due to suicide every year, if analyzed minutely, it turns out to be one person every 40 seconds. This is the death toll from suicides. However, many more people have been seen attempting suicide.

Each human being exists here in the world for a unique purpose and cause. The act of suicide simply portrays that the person has lost the vision in life and is giving up against all the odds around him/her. It is rather ironical to ponder that if giving up life would be a solution to all the challenges, then why would millions of people be still alive on the planet? We as humans are on this planet for a far greater purpose on this planet, which is not just to sleep, eat and talk but much greater. In the run to find the purpose of one’s life, people usually tend to get attached to events, situations and emotions and make them ‘permanent’ entities which in reality are as fleeting and temporary as the clouds.

People who decide to take such steps that lead to suicide are actually those who are more attached to their life. They are so attached to some pleasure, some joy, some person or an event or that craving for temporary pleasure that when they’re not able to experience it any further, they tend to get into deep misery and sorrow and their interest in life is lost.

They feel, ‘Oh my God, this restlessness, these desires which had created such intense agony inside me has not gone. My body has gone but the agony has remained.

This article aims to relieve those who are facing challenging situations in life and are contemplating on suicide or having suicidal thoughts but want to get out of it. This article is also for all those who care for their friends and family and want to help them come out of this challenging phase of life. For all those who want to help others get out of suicidal tendencies, this article would provide the wisdom and guidance. The article is divided into four sections. The first section gives insight into the reasons which leads to the birth of suicidal tendencies in mind. The second section highlights the consequences if somebody commits suicide. After that, the various methods of erasing suicidal tendencies from the mind are explained. In the fourth section, the readers would get to learn about different ways to increase positivity. The article concludes with a very strong and firm message from Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.