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Q: What is the purpose of World Cultural Festival?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:
Bringing people from all over the world together and celebrating as one world, one family. People from all over world anyway come to ashram – A group from China comes or I go to Europe and people from all over Europe come to German ashram. Then I go to Canada , America or South America. So we have been doing our celebration in pockets, People come at different times from different places. So I said why don’t we come all together at one place at one time and celebrate together! We did this 5 years ago in Berlin and before that in 10 years ago Bangalore. Once in few years it’s nice to bring everyone together under one roof and celebrate! There is a saying in Sanskrit- there is no Joy in small things. Whatever is grand, it brings more joy. So we will do something very beautiful and grand!
Yesterday I was in Mysore, where we had a huge program, and then I’m travelling to Kolkata and different regions of the country. We have huge satsangs, but people from one province have not met another. But if all come together and meditate, it can create ripples of positivity.
The purpose of the world cultural festival is to give the world a message that we are one world, one family. Second, That we all co-exist with our differences. Third, It is an opportunity for religious leaders politicians and business leaders to come together and renew their vision to work towards the welfare of the society. Fourth is to care for the environment. To create a buzz in the world that we care for the birds, we care for the mountains, trees, plants, and environment. This is the message we need to pass on to the world. The fifth message would be to encourage the traditional musicians, people from every country, who have been preserving the folk dances, folk music and traditional music – to give them world platform. This would really bring the values that are going in the background to the forefront. The sixth message - The good people are there in the world and they are alive and they active and they care for the planet and every individual.

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