Sri Sri's Birthday Celebration 2015

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Date of the Event: 13th May 2015

Sri Sri's message: If an occasion can inspire so many to do so much seva and bring so much joy, I don’t mind cutting cake four times a year! I am glad I was not born on February 29th, it comes only once in four years! Any occasion, any excuse is good enough to celebrate life. The whole thing is to celebrate life. What the ancient saying goes, the entire creation is filled with bliss. Everything is born out of bliss, sustained by bliss and final goal of life is also bliss. So if there is joy and bliss in our life by celebration, by any excuse, any celebration is good enough.
Remember one thing, ‘Main Tera’ (I am yours), you should never forget this! And you should keep telling everyone, ‘Main Tera, Main Tera’. Whomever you meet you should tell them ‘Main Tera’. That will bring across the message and you will feel that the whole world is your country. Just keep smiling and the spread this joy and happiness. This is a sign of intelligence. The unintelligent spread moroseness and unhappiness. The intelligent spread happiness and a smile. And we are all intelligent here!
See we are all one. All this artificial barriers we have created amongst ourselves. This is just an illusion, it’s artificial. If you look deeper you will see there is only One. There is only one substance by which everything is made and which is everything. That is the essence. There is nothing other than that One

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