Your Creations on Guruji Codes (March Special) : Seva Opportunity

We invite all the designers to a special seva 'March 2014: Your creations on Guruji Codes'.
This is a special seva opportunity for all the designers.

What is Guruji Codes?
Guruji Codes is an initiative of Art of Living Universe. It started first on Orkut, in the year 2009, thereafter on Facebook and Twitter. We started with the concept of 'Picture Sutras' ~ Gurudev's Picture along with His quote (Sutra). The intention is to share love with wisdom. This is how a Picture Sutra looks like:

What is this seva all about?
All you have to do, is create a nice Picture Sutra (Gurudev's picture + His Wisdom quote), and email it to us at

Best Picture Sutra's will be shared with the whole world on our Guruji Codes Facebook and Twitter page, along with the name of the creator!

Link for Sri Sri Quotes:
If you know any other Sri Sri Quote, you may use that too.

Link for Sri Sri Pictures:,
If you have any other nice picture of Gurudev, you may use that too.

1) Preferably do not edit Gurudev's pic; maintain the originality. Also, as much as possible, use solo images of Gurudev.
2) Make sure you save the original PhotoShop document (or any other file on which the creation is made) with you. Just in case some changes have to be made to the image.
3) You may visit our social media pages, to get an idea, how a Picture Sutra looks like:
Facebook > | Twitter >
4) You may create and send in as many Picture Sutras as you want. Feel free to use your creativity.

Do share this amazing opportunity with all your friends.
For any queries, please feel free to email us at