Twitter Townhall with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (Recorded video)

Video Source: Art of Living TV
Sri Sri on Twitter: @SriSri

Some of the key points discussed by Sri Sri, during the townhall:
  • Nature of mind is when we see misery we magnify it.
  • God has no choice, God loves everybody!
  • Anything that brings you peace, joy, love is spirituality.
  • You know all that we can do, that is in our capacity, we must do, to bring peace.
  • We need patience and perseverance to fight against corruption.
  • When it comes to national issues, you should broaden your vision and see what's good for nation.
  • I see the facebook, I use the twitter. There is no particular reason I don't follow anyone on twitter. Just a time management.
  • There are so many good people who are working for the betterment of society today.
  • People who build barriers around them, somewhere they are insecured inside.
  • The divinity which loves diversity can come in diverse forms.
  • Any challenging thing comes my way, I just jump into it!
  • God created man; and Man created God. Man created different concepts, different stories about God.
  • WE should dream for a corruption-free society. May not be possible 100%, but atleast we can reach somewhere ~ 80-90%
  • We must infuse our kids/youth with this idea - corruption-free, crime-free society. It can only happen by social transformation.
  • First of all if I get tired, then I will get retired!
  • Perception, Observation and Expression - these 3 things can bring you maturity.
  • Just think what is that you would like to contribute to our society.
  • Clarity of mind, Purity of heart, Sincerity of efforts. 3 things will make us feel happy.
  • Who are you; Who am I. Time and again you should ask this question to yourself.
  • See the intention of the people who are asking for votes, and look at their track records.
  • I take day off every day few minutes, when I go deep in myself, few minutes of meditation. 5 days in a year, I take silence.
  • Marriage is an important institution. Somebody married that is why you are here!
  • Growing in marriage is growing in responsibility, taking responsibility. Love and responsibility go together.
  • War is Worst Act of Reason. Nobody wins in war. We have not realized we are love.
  • Aam Aadmi Party started with good intention, but I feel they have to learn a lot. They are still young.
  • If 10 compliments are given to you, 1 insult is given to you, what you usually do is catch hold of that one insult and blow it out.
  • Spirituality is not just sitting and doing something. It is something that invokes character in you, that builds character in you.

Few snapshots from the Twitter Townhall:
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