Dialogue with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (Recorded video)

Video Source: Art of Living TV
Sri Sri on Twitter: @SriSri

Some of the key points discussed by Sri Sri, during the interaction:
  • Whether at home or workplace don't lose your smile for anything in the world.
  • See your life from a bigger perspective. Look at this planet. Unfathomable! See your life in context with place & time.
  • The world is a bad place due to the inaction of the good people.
  • Meditation can be practiced anytime of the day keep gap after meals. It energizes you and refreshes you!
  • Just giving charity is not enough. We need to empower people to stand on their own feet.
  • Honour every culture at the same time keep the value system intact.
  • Yoga is simple exercises and does not conflict with religion. Like Ayurveda has global benefit.
  • Spirituality is the value system which unites all religions.
  • Too much to do & too little time causes stress! You can overcome any stressful situation through yoga & meditation.
  • Looking back at your own past experiences you can draw power to tackle the stress, do some meditation and breathing exercises.
  • Science has started to document how breathing and meditation can take people out of negativity.
  • Greed is the result of insecurities. When there is not enough love you become greedy!
  • Kids should be sensitized towards humanity. Violent games that children play should be banned!
  • Abolishing all kinds of intoxicants will help to curb crime to a great extent!
  • Keep connecting people & wherever there is misunderstanding we should cool down the tension.
  • Prayer happens from gratitude or utter helplessness. Progress comes not just by prayer but by dynamic action!
  • A lack of scientific, humanistic, spiritual education makes people inflict violence.
  • In the age of technology, it is possible for us to bring our mind to the present moment.
  • We were born with the spark. Just be in the present moment & get rid of the stress. Become child like!
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  1. This was such a brilliant event. Lucky to witness it online and above all.. participate in Gurudev's LIVE meditation. Can watch this video again... and again :)

  2. profound wisdom shared. thanks for sharing.

  3. WOW! Once again :) Thank you for posting this!

  4. Was great listening to Gurudev again! Such profound knowledge and such simple and heart touching words! His comments and suggestions on empowering nations and making them self-reliant were brilliant! His wit had people burst in bouts of laughter! Left me asking for more, as always!

  5. its such a blessing to be a part of Him and be able to listen to Him again and again ...

  6. Thank you for uploading this ! Jai Guru Dev !

  7. Thank you for uploading the video ! Felt very nice listening to Guruji.Jai Guru Dev !