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Relief work for Uttrakhand flood victims | Donate now

The International Association for Human Values (IAHV), in partnership with the Art of Living Foundation (AOLF) has established a disaster relief fund to provide humanitarian assistance to the victims of the floods in Uttarakhand. Your contributions will be used to provide immediate material relief, trauma relief and long term rehabilitation.
Art of Living volunteers are already on the ground, providing food and trauma relief to the evacuees. A team of 250 volunteers including doctors are constantly providing trauma relief, medical aid, and food, assisting in rescue operations and clearing the debris. 100 truckloads of relief material which came in from various parts of the country has reached areas which had not seen food for few days.
Apart from providing material relief, IAHV has been raising funds and also conducting trauma-relief meditation for the evacuees, who reach the airport as a transit before they move ahead for their hometowns. Such workshops held at Dharasu and Harsil have reached out to hundreds of people and have helped them be calm and has provided solace. "Meditation, breathing exercises and satsangs are helping people to regain their composure and faith and plan their life ahead. Amidst disaster and grief, people are finding solace through these practices," shared Swami Divyanand who is camping at Guptkashi.

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