How and Why Art of Living Universe came into existence?

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During the year 2010, ample number of Art of Living related Yahoo/Google groups were initiated (some of which exist even today). However these were marked by some disadvantages too, one being that the subscribers would receive a whole gamut of posts that were made available in the group like every update, posts on wisdom, spam e-mails, trash mails etc. There was no privilege to opt for specific posts required by the subscribers so either they had to live with all the mails or unsubscribe from the group. Even the essential posts relating to Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's wisdom or Art of Living Updates were not available in an organized manner. In addition to that, there would be a considerable gap between the user’s questions and the response time or dispensing necessary updates required which is the most important function of a subscriber group to monitor and regulate the subscriber’s traffic and provide periodic updates. It was seemingly difficult to categorize the nature of the updates or news for them being official or simply a grapevine. No set protocols on the quality of posts with social networking sites like Facebook and Orkut, back then, further augmented sharing any piece of news possible, ignoring its legitimacy.
Acknowledging all the above factors, Art of Living Universe launched its blog on 29th August 2010. Users could now subscribe to Art of Living FREE Subscriptions. The idea was simple. The Free subscription was completely the choice of the subscriber. In other words, they could choose to subscribe/unsubscribe any feed. For instance, if a subscriber wanted to subscribe selectively to wisdom posts and not to updates, he or she could do that and vice-versa. This step dealt with the disadvantages of spamming or bombarding of emails immensely.
Art of Living Universe makes sure to be in constant touch with the Art of Living Global Web team, thereby ensuring that only the official and accurate information reaches its subscribers. The gap that existed between the updates and users was restored. This addressed the rest of the disadvantages.
Slowly and steadily, the Online Blessing section commenced. It was noticed that while Sri Sri went to different places of the world, the pictures of the same were not available for everyone. Art of Living Universe thus invited the users to share their albums, so that the whole world could access Guruji’s pictures. The platform resulted in a Photo Gallery section - displaying pictures of 'Sri Sri's Tour' and 'Art of Living Ashrams'. Art of Living Universe also took the initiative to create another segment called as the 1st ever 'Mega Events' section, wherein the major events/courses of Art of Living could be displayed. These incredible and thoughtful initiatives transformed the face of Art of Living’s global networking thus bringing the Art of Living worldwide family together more than ever before!